EGB Pozzolanic Rende Cement 40kg
EGB Pozzolanic Rende Cement 40kg EGB CEMENT Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Pasir Gudang Manufacturer, Supplier  | Eco Greenbuild Industries Sdn Bhd

EGB Pozzolanic Render is a cement-base blended powder that, when mixed thoroughly with water, can be trowel applied in thick or thin layers over masonry surfaces such as brick, block-work, stone and previously applied cement based renders. EGB Pozzolanic Render assist your project as follows:

Most jobs need only coat of EGB Pozzolanic Render: You decide what the thickness should be. Can be screeded to a smooth

Improved and finishes off without holes or tearing. Polymer-modified for strong adhesion a masonry surfaces. Easily prepared. Just add water and drill to your preferred consistency, EGB Pozzolanic
Render machine pumpable.


EGB Pozzolanic Render is a premium product specially formulated as a single coat applied by trowelling either thick or thin with optimum workability, ease of application and when finished off by floating or sponging, will close over readily without tearing. It is suitable for covering all sound, dry masonry surfaces such as brick work and concrete block work, and performs the function of leveling and protecting masonry walls.

Application Instructions


Masonry surfaces such as brickwork and concrete block work.

Substrate Condition

Before application of any render, the masonry surface must be clean, dry, cured and debris. This means that any loose or damaged substrate must be removed, or patched and repaired, any moisture must also evaporate out prior to trowel onto the substrate.

Ensure that surface is clean and dry. All surfaces must be free of efforescence, grease, oil, mould, dirt, dust, release agents, bond- breaker or other contaminations that may interfere with adhesion. Fresh applied render must be protected from rain, other sources of moisture and frosts for at least 48 hours.


As a cement containing blended powder, EGB Pozzolanic Render must be thoroughly mixed with clean, portable water to a homogenous slurry prior to application. As the cement cures, the slurry will get thicker with time until it is no longer useable.

The pot life is about 3 hours in ambient conditions. Mechanical stirrers are recommended for mixing powder into water. Whilst the water content and flow of the slurry should vary slightly for different weather condition ( try for a litile more water on days of higher temperatures). Addition of too much water will result in shrinkage and cracking. A good guide is to use approx. 8 liters of water to 1 bag of EGB Pozzolanic Render.


Plaster can be applied with a steel trowel, pump or broad knife. If application requires a few layers, the underneath layers must be dry before applying the subsequent layaers.


  • 40kg/bag


This product contains cement and must be keep dry. A shelf life of 6 months is to be expected. Discard partly filled open bags within 2 weeks of use.

Health & Safety

Recommends that to wear safety equipment by workers handling this product, including dust masks, rubber gloves, full eye protection and boots where necessary. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek immediate medical attention

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